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How to judge the diffusive horn pattern ?

As an investment trader, you must understand the use of chart technology analysis to determine the position of market transactions. Now let's talk about a common pattern in chart technical analysis, which is the diffuse speaker pattern. Diffusion horn patterns are different from trend patterns and horizontal patterns.  Diffusion horn patterns are more difficult to judge than trend patterns and horizontal patterns, and often cause losses to investment traders. So, how do investment traders judge the spreading horn pattern and make favorable investment transactions? S&P500 Index The price trend of the diffusive horn pattern.  When the price rises over some time, then the price falls, and falls below the recent low, then rises, and rises through the last high. It keeps expanding in two directions. If we connect the high point and the low point with straight lines, respectively, we can show a horn shape, so it is called a diffuse horn shape.  Because of this, some investors w

The relationship between Dow theory and the stock market!

Many technical analyses, such as morphological analysis and wave theory, use the Dow theory as the basis for the evolution of original technical analysis. Let's talk about the relationship between the Dow theory and today's stock market. Starting from the three most widely known theorems, theorems, market behavior is inclusive and digestive, market behavior follows the trend, and history will repeat itself. Among these three theorems, there are many Charles investment ideas, which can also be said to be the backbone of technical analysis. Charles' first theorem hoped that the market was originally a gathering place for hundreds of news. For example, Jun A believes that a country's civil war and unstable economy caused it to sell the shares of local companies; Jun B learned that the local companies will still have considerable profitability next year, so he bought the shares of local companies; Jun received a third different message and made an investment decision and

10 stocks tell you why U.S. stocks plunged!

On February 24, 2020, the U.S. stock market plummeted by 1,000 points. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic, although market funds have already begun to flow into safe-haven assets such as gold and bond markets, the epidemic does not seem to have an impact on the stock market trend.  As the new coronavirus epidemic spread further, and companies began to publish performance reports, investors began to worry that the epidemic would affect the company's next quarter's profit growth and made predictions for the company's next quarter's performance.  Analysts lowered the companies The profit forecast for the next quarter, and the Fed is expected to cut interest rates in March, the Fed's rate cut indicates that the economy may further decline. S & P 500 Index Fed watch As an investor, you need to know how to value a company using PEG indicators. Generally speaking, the valuation using the PEG indicator is more accurate, but it is only used t

Will China's economy recover as the epidemic is under control?

During the Chinese Spring Festival, novel coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, and the Chinese stock market was hit hard. Subsequently, the Chinese government quickly took strict measures to block Wuhan, a city with a population of tens of thousands of people, to prevent the further spread of the epidemic, and to take corresponding epidemic prevention measures in other cities.  When the worst of the epidemic had already occurred, the Chinese stock market quickly rebounded. As the number of infections continues to decline, China's Shanghai Composite Index is expected to rise further. Sars Period Looking back on similar events in the past, the SARS epidemic in 2003, the stock market also made a short-term decline, and then the SARS epidemic was brought under control, the stock market immediately went up for a long time. According to past historical data, the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on the stock market may be short-lived. China Fund Capital Flow Howeve