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Gold(GLD) and crude oil(USO) plunge and lose their value?

Recently, the stock market has experienced ups and downs. During the financial crisis, gold, bonds, and even bitcoin, which have been regarded as value-preserving, have depreciated. Can't help but make many investors confused, why is it like this? gold Gold On February 24, due to the stock market crash, a large number of institutions sold gold to make up for the losses of these institutions in the stock market and to increase margin. The price of gold resumed its rise in early March and then fell to a lower level again on March 9. Many investors were confused. Should n’t gold be a hedge? Should n’t gold and the stock market rise in the opposite direction? All of this has nothing to do with the shortage of funds in the repo market. The Fed ’s bailout ceiling is far from enough, and then the Fed issued an emergency statement on March 12. "Starting on March 12, 500 billion bailouts will be provided. Tomorrow the Fed will provide another 500 billion three-month repurchase

My long-term stock market trading strategy!

trading strategy As a stock market investor, everyone has an investment trading strategy. Through my many years of investment experience, I have tried different investment strategies, used different investment tools, and concluded my own set of investment strategies.  This is a long-term investment strategy, not a short-term one. For ordinary investors, how to cope with the big ups and downs of the stock market, and by sharing my investment trading strategy, I hope that it can help investors and enable the asset portfolio to add value steadily. First, when the stock market is at different stages, I will use different coping methods. There are usually three stages in the stock market, and I generally use three different approaches. First, the stock market is in a rising phase. I usually do not use leveraged instruments or make financial loans to trade. Although leveraged trading can make quick and large profits, it can also make quick and large losses.  When trading with high l