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Look for growth stocks, and let profits run!

let profits run Due to the recent rapid decline in the global stock market, many investors have suffered severe losses in the books they hold. How much money has been lost? What should I do now? Should the stock be sold immediately? Or wait for it to rebound before selling? I usually ask him, why would you buy stocks? Why do you still hold stocks? Sometimes they will tell me very frankly, because after listening to XX masters, XX experts, XX financial performances, or a friend, a relative, or a neighbor telling them, the stock price is very cheap now, so fast Click to buy, or after the stock has fallen for some time, these people will say that the current stock price is cheaper, and it should be evened down, and it will go up no matter what. If you are holding a lot of stocks in the stock market disaster because of this, you have already suffered heavy losses at this moment. I hope this is the last time you are recruited in the stock market. First, let's look at a practica