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Alibaba stock price prediction 2025: BABA's PE is only 33 times?

 Review Alibaba's digital economy has created a transaction volume of 1 trillion US dollars.  The revenue and profit growth in the past few years have been solid, relative to Tencent (700), Pinduoduo (PDD), and (JD).    Why is the valuation of Alibaba (BABA) relatively undervalued, PE is only 33 times?    Is there a chance to catch up?    Is Alibaba (BABA) an ideal investment? Compared with Tencent, Alibaba's business revenue sources are relatively concentrated, and most of them are related to online shopping.  Although the company's business includes core business, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovative business, and others, for 2020 earnings, cloud computing only accounts for 8% of total revenue, digital media, and entertainment 5%, and innovative business and others account for 1% of these revenues.  Businesses that account for a fraction of the business are losing money. As for Alibaba's remaining 86% of its revenue, it is all a

50 Quotes On Investment About U.S. Stock market!

1. Odds priority vs probability priority: Small funds should have priority, and large funds should establish an operating system with probability first. Odds first means that small funds are going to look for opportunities like 1 to 5 and 1 to 10, so for small funds, luck is a very important factor. For large funds, you need to choose what happens with a high probability to ensure the safety of the principal. Of course, if the odds and probability opportunities coincide, then you should try your best to fight hard. 2. If Buffett is a person of this age, would he want to be an Internet celebrity? I think it will. Before Buffett became famous, he went to Carnegie's public speaking training class. You need someone to know your talents, otherwise, it's like blinking at the girl in the dark. 3. Today I saw a famous quote from Einstein, No problems can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. 4. Someone complained to Fisher that his method was too diffi