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Barrick Gold stock price soars after Warren Buffett's buys a stake?

Has Buffett bought gold ? Buffett has not changed. Buffett does not want to hold physical gold, but he has never said that he will not buy shares in gold mining companies. Looking at the entire market, there are not many stocks that fit Buffett's trading. And Barrick Gold Company is just one of them. Buffett bought nearly 21 million shares, and the current share value is $563 million. We now look at the underlying logic of Buffett's purchase of Barrick Gold stock. Compared with physical gold ETFs, gold mining companies can respond positively to market conditions. There are financial reports to analyze, With dividends and stock repurchase plans, gold mining companies have the right to reward shareholders through capital return plans. In contrast, the physical gold ETF has no gains. The market generally believes that it is still in the upward cycle of gold prices . The current international environment is one where black swans emerge one after another. While paying att

Bear market coming, gold(GLD) assets become essential

The economic data of the global economic powers have been deteriorating, entering the bear market stage of the economy, and people have become more cautious when choosing asset investment. We should choose investment products with a low correlation coefficient with economic performance and investment products suitable for the current economic cycle. Investors should pay more attention to foreign exchange and commodity markets so that they can add value to your assets. Among many assets, anti-inflation commodities such as gold have become essential assets. Take gold as an example. For many years, gold has been regarded as an anti-inflation commodity by international capital markets and has been regarded as an important asset hedging tool by investors. There is also a saying, "The world bought gold during turbulent times." From basic political theory, we know that gold is not currency, and the currency is naturally gold and silver. Although gold has withdrawn from

Gold(GLD) Price Forecast Is More Than $2,500

What is the fair price of gold? Gold Price Predictions And Forecast Is More Than $2,500? Traditionally, gold is one of the investors' favorite investment tools, and gold is also an essential asset when a bear market coming . Through the following simple model of gold, it has certain reference significance for the reasonable price of gold at different times. The following two methods to calculate the reasonable price of gold? The pricing method of gold is to calculate the moment when the market needs to reprice gold. For example, during the financial crisis, the price of gold at that time and the money supply at that time were compared with the current money supply to calculate the current reasonable price of gold. method one: In 2008, when the gold price was 880 US dollars, the M2 money supply at that time was 7800 billion. The current M2 money supply is 18,000 billion, so it is inferred that the current gold price should be 2030 US dollars. United States Money Supply M2