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TSM Stock Forecast and Price Target 2021

Today, I will analyze TSMC stocks in-depth with you. In the semiconductor sector, TSMC has always been my most promising stock. TSMC has just announced its results for the fourth quarter of 2020. At the same time, there are new developments in the entire chip industry recently. Therefore, today I will combine the financial report and chips. The latest developments in the industry to analyze the trend of TSMC stocks, First of all, we analyze TSMC’s fourth-quarter and full-year 2020 financial reports to see what are the key points worthy of investors’ attention. First, TSMC’s fourth-quarter revenue and profitability are very good.  Compared with the outlook for Q4 in Q3, the outlook at that time was US$12.4-12.7 billion, and the actual revenue was US$12.68 billion. Actual revenue As the upper limit of the outlook, the gross profit margin outlook is 51.5%-53.5%, while the actual gross profit margin is 54%, which is better than the outlook. The operating net profit margin is expected to be

TSMC VS Nvidia, AMD, Intel. How to choose semiconductor stocks?

The general pattern of the semiconductor industry, the overall trend and target price of TSMC in 2021, how the Nvidia(NVDA), AMD, and Intel(INTC) semiconductor stocks are laid out, what is the decisive factors, and whether there is a predictable time point, we conducted a more systematic discussion.  The big picture of the semiconductor industry The semiconductor industry is cyclical. Since the second half of 2019, global semiconductors have entered a new round of the business cycle. This is very important. Only when you understand this reason can you hold stocks with peace of mind. The following analysis is based on the time dimension. In the short term, looking at one to three months now, with the outbreak of the epidemic again, the production capacity of 8-inch wafers are in short supply, the semiconductor industry chain is out of stock, wafer foundry, packaging, and testing links have seen price increases, and production capacity is in short supply. High economic situation, In the

BABA stock forecast 2025: The failure of Ant Financial's IPO

Ant Financial’s IPO was canceled, causing Alibaba’s share price to fall, Alibaba has been unfavorable this year. First, the cancellation of Ant Financial's IPO indirectly caused Alibaba's stock price to fall, and now there is an antitrust investigation led by Alibaba, which caused Alibaba's stock price to plummet by 15% in a single day. From the highest point in October, the stock price of 319 dollars has fallen by as much as 30% to 222 dollars. From the perspective of K-line, Alibaba has reached the Oversold area, and it will rebound upward in the short term. From the perspective of valuation, Alibaba’s valuation is as high as US$388, which is 74% of the current share price of US$222. Value-added space, so it seems that whether it is viewed from the short-term K-line or the long-term valuation, now is a good time to buy the bottom of Alibaba. Before investing, I will analyze and analyze the root cause of the disadvantage of Alibaba this time, because if this problem is not

Capital Flows Tracking Weekly

Release:  January 27, 2021 The weekly Capital Flows estimate the industry's total, based on the report covering more than 98% of mutual fund and ETF assets. Collect actual mutual fund net new cash flows and ETF net issuance together monthly; therefore, there is a discrepancy between these weekly estimates and monthly flows. The data from the previous few weeks reflect revisions due to data adjustments, reclassifications, and changes in the number of fund reports.  Mutual fund data represents the estimated value of net new cash flows, that is, new sales minus redemptions plus net exchanges, while exchange-traded fund (ETF) data represents net issuance, that is, net issuance minus total Redemption amount. This series does not include data on mutual funds that primarily invest in other mutual funds and ETFs that primarily invest in other ETFs.

4 economic indicators that must be observed!

  Stocks are one of the simplest and most passive types of income, but when we invest in the stock market, we always feel that the current stock price is on the high side, but if we don’t enter the market to buy stocks, we are afraid that the stock price will continue to rise. When the U.S. stock market continues to hit new highs, should it enter the market or should it wait and see and wait for the crash to enter the market.  First of all, I want to declare that I am a value investor and insist on the BUY AND HOLD operation method. We all know that stocks are cyclical, and we are now experiencing the longest bull market in history. Stock market analysts believe that a crash may come at any time, but we just have no way to predict the specific time. I believe everyone understands. But I know that a bear market will definitely come. The long-term trend of stocks often has several economic data as a reference. Today we will take a look at these economic data. source: tradingview capital

Can Apple(AAPL) icar end the dominance of Tesla(TSLA)?

Beginning in 2014, Apple started a plan for electric vehicles developed by "Project Titan". In the Apple electric car project, in the past few years, internal conflicts, leadership issues, and other issues have affected the entire project. The rumors in 2016 even hinted that Apple had shelved plans for the car, but Apple has overcome the development difficulties and still plans to develop consumers Car, The Apple car project has changed the leadership many times, and hundreds of employees have been laid off during the development process. In the past few years, there have been rumors that Apple has shifted its focus to autonomous driving software instead of just a car. In June 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly talked about Apple’s work on autonomous driving software, which rarely confirmed Apple’s development work, because Apple usually does not share the details it is studying, but when it comes to cars When it comes to software, due to legal restrictions, it has to apply fo