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INTC stock forecast 2025: intel vs tsmc

Today I will combine the latest trends in TSMC and the chip industry to talk about my views on the trend of TSMC stocks and related semiconductor stocks. The biggest news in the past few days is that Intel has invested 20 billion US dollars to build factories and enter chip foundry. Intel (INTC) stock forecast 2025 Intel’s new CEO Pat Kissinger released the ambitious "IDM 2.0" strategic plan on March 24 In summary, on the one hand, Intel will separate the chip manufacturing part and open up production capacity to provide foundry services. On the other hand, its own chips will expand the scope of finding other foundry companies. For example, looking for foundries such as TSMC and Samsung, we can interpret that Intel’s future business will have two parts: one is the foundry part and the other is the chip design part. If you look at Samsung Electronics, it originally has these two parts. Samsung’s chips are produced entirely by its own foundry company This is because Samsung’s f

What is the meaning of NFT and NFT stocks?

Not long ago, Christie’s, a century-old auction house, successfully auctioned a sky-high price for NFT digital artworks, which eventually sold for more than US$69 million. What is the meaning of NFT? The full name of NFT is Non-Fungible Token, which is a non-homogeneous token, which can be understood as a genuine authentication certificate encrypted by blockchain technology. Because of its encrypted and unique characteristics, it is currently widely used in the field of digital art. As long as it is a digital version of art, everything can be NFT, including but not limited to pictures, music, games, videos, and even a single tweet can become NFT. Jack Dorsey, the founder, and CEO of Twitter posted the first tweet "Just setting up my Twitter" on Twitter, which was only 5 English words, and the price was as high as 2.9 million US dollars. The NFT boom is sweeping, and related concept stocks have already taken off. There are many more popular science introductions about NFT, wh

Tesla(TSLA) stock forecast 2025: Ark Invest's valuation model

Ark Invest’s underlying logic and news about the latest Tesla ( TSLA ) valuation Let’s take a look at how Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood views the stock market that is currently rotating. Ark Invest’s underlying logic and news about the latest Tesla ( TSLA ) valuation. Ark Invest's underlying logic, Next is what Cathie Wood said in an interview with Bloomberg. "We have been paying attention to the fluctuation of stock prices, but our investment period is 5 years. When we experience a callback like this, the fund sector rotates very fast. I am very happy that the bull market is now expanding to other types of stocks. In 2016 At the end of the year, the share price of value stocks took off, and they were far away from growth stocks. Whenever I saw such a signal, I would say: Very good! This shows that the funds of the bull market are spreading to other stocks. This is good news. Over time, we have concentrated on investing in stocks that are particularly promising in our portfolio. Th