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3 Chinese technology stocks forecast 2025: JD PDD and BZUN

  Forget Alibaba(BABA)!  These 3 Chinese technology stocks are more worth buying      Hello everyone, Alibaba is China's largest e-commerce and cloud company. From January to late May, Alibaba's market value has shrunk by nearly 10%, lagging behind many peers.  Antitrust investigations in China, stricter auditing standards in the United States, and funding from growth stocks to value stocks have all dragged down Alibaba's stock price.      Alibaba’s stock is trading at an expected price-to-earnings ratio of 18 times, which may seem cheap, but analysts still expect Alibaba’s earnings to fall by 3% this year because it has absorbed a record US$2.75 billion in antitrust fines.  It also needs to stop exclusive deals with big brands, which may weaken the company's defenses against smaller e-commerce markets.      But this is not all. Alibaba may be forced to divest media assets and share user data with the government, and the group's financial technology subsidiary Ant G

Investors have begun to switch back to traditional growth stocks

 On Thursday, the stock prices of Cisco, Alphabet, and IBM hit new highs. But more importantly, the previously unpopular speculative growth stocks, including stocks bought by many ARK funds, have now begun to rebound.  How is this going?  Investors' perspective on the market is changing. In the first quarter of this year, mainstream voices in the market believe that the economy will restart strongly, bond yields will rise, and inflation may become a problem later this year. After the end of the first quarter, these expectations were only partially fulfilled.  The U.S. economy has indeed restarted strongly, but bond yields fell in the first quarter instead of rising because investors began to believe:  1) Inflation and supply chain disruption may indeed be "temporary", as the Fed insists;  2) The second and third quarters will be the highest points of stock returns and economic growth.  Alec Young, a chief investment officer of Tactical Alpha, said: “Trading in value sto

NIO stock forecast 2025: Core technologies

In terms of new forces in car manufacturing, industry participants have entered the fast lane in areas such as new product releases and intelligent driving. With the "general trend" of the popularization of electric vehicles, you will catch up. For NIO, which is the first to deploy the electric vehicle industry, whether ET7 can take the industry pioneer into the "overtaking lane" and continue to be at the forefront of the industry. Examining NIO's strategic measures is an effective way to try to find answers. Way, especially in the context of the “general trend” of electric vehicles.  NIO's Core technologies:  1. At present and for a period of time, the price, performance iteration, and supply of batteries and core raw materials will be the core factors that determine the popularization of pure electric vehicles, and determine a series of trends in the market and participants.  Lithium is an indispensable and important element of power batteries. The comme

INTC stock forecast 2025: Intel's acquisition of SiFive

SiFive, a chip design start-up company based on the RISC-V instruction set architecture, has received an acquisition intention from investor Intel.  A person familiar with the matter, who asked not to be named, said that Intel has offered to buy SiFive for more than $2 billion.  RISC-V with x86 and Arm  As we all know, Intel dominates the industry leader in x86 architecture chip technology, while SiFive focuses on open-source RISC-V technology and employs several founding members of the RISC-V architecture.  For a long time, the field of CPU instruction set architecture has been dominated by x86 and Arm. Since RISC-V was born at the University of California, Berkeley in 2010, it has gradually formed a certain competitive landscape with Arm after more than ten years of development.  With the gradual refinement of the application field, the model of one chip making the world has become a thing of the past. Facing the hot AI and Internet of Things market, RISC-V is becoming a semiconduct

SQ, TDOC, VRTX: Cathie Wood is optimistic about doubling stocks

When Cathie Wood buys stocks, investors will follow her to buy, which seems to be the latest trend in the investment world.  In the popular saying, following Cathie Wood, there is money to be made.  Even some time ago due to the rise in U.S. Treasury yields, technology stocks plummeted, and ARK funds suffered a frantic sell-off. Wood is still as stable as a mountain, and he issued a statement saying that everything was as early as we expected and was better than we expected.  Technology stocks are a good time to buy bottoms and increase positions.  Today, I will analyze Cathie Wood's heavy holdings from the company's fundamentals and future market prospects. Can it double in the long run?  Square (ranked first in ARKK's innovative technology ETF)  The financial technology giant Square is a revolutionary stock in the financial industry, breaking the traditional payment industry.  Square is known for its seller ecosystem, which provides small businesses with point-of-sale sol