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Intel, Twitter, and Snapchat stock forecast 2025: latest quarterly earnings reports

 Three technology companies, Intel, Twitter, and Snapchat, released their latest quarterly earnings reports.  Let's take a look at their performance and the key information revealed at the earnings conference. Intel(INTC) stock forecast 2025  Several important data on Intel's earnings report beat expectations.  Among them, earnings per share were US$1.28, higher than the expected US$1.06, an increase of 12% over the same period last year; total revenue was US$18.5 billion, beating analysts’ expectations of US$17.8 billion.  However, in Intel's guidance for the next quarter, the Non-GAAP gross profit margin given is only 55%, which is far lower than the market's expected 59.2%.  The reason given by Intel is that it is worried that supply chain problems will limit profitability, and the expected chip manufacturing business will bring additional costs.  For chip companies, the market is most concerned about gross profit margin.  TSMC fell last week because of poor gross pr stock forecast 2025: Is it time to buy now?

  Few emerging technologies are as exciting as artificial intelligence. We have witnessed its ability to be applied in new ways, from quickly analyzing large amounts of data to improve the efficiency of hardware and software. is one of the only companies in the world that develop artificial intelligence into independent services. In short, artificial intelligence is its entire business.  Investors avoided such stocks this year because large technology companies began to engage in artificial intelligence projects, raising concerns about increased competitive threats.  However, continued to increase revenue, narrowed its losses, and added 82% of its customers in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021. Therefore, the stock price has fallen about 60% so far this year, which may be a huge opportunity for those who want to get involved in this field.  A unique business case  Imagine that if a company needs to develop its own artificial intelligence, simplify data analysis, imp

AMD stock forecast 2025: Q2 is expected to perform strongly

Before the US stock market on July 19, US technology stocks continued their decline last Friday, and AMD's stock price also continued to fall.  AMD will announce the results of the second quarter of 2021 on July 27. The market expects this performance to be strong, so this round of decline may be a great opportunity to buy the stock.  financial indicator  Due to the strong market demand for CPU and graphics cards in 2021, AMD’s revenue is expected to exceed the maximum value of the financial guidance. AMD’s C&G business is expected to grow the most because higher-priced AMD Ryzen and high-end AMD Radeon sales continue to increase.  In terms of gross profit margin, the market expects AMD's gross profit margin in Q2 2021 will increase by 47% year-on-year.  If the average selling prices of CPUs and GPUs continue to rise in Q2 of 2021, and the ASPs of CPUs and GPUs will increase in Q1 of 2021, the gross profit margin may also increase by 48%.  CPU market share  With a large num

NVIDIA stock forecast 2025: NVDA is worth long-term investment

  We know that technology is the future of mankind.  In the past 40 years, there has been a major technological change almost every 10 years, and every technological wave has brought new winners, and some people have become rich as a result. For example, in the personal computer era, IBM and Microsoft became popular, and the mobile Internet era became Apple and Google. And we are now at the crossroads of technological change. As investors, whoever can grasp the next technological change will be more likely to be the winner in the next 10 years.  So what will the upcoming technological change be? I think it will be artificial intelligence AI. This is not what I said by myself. Catherine Wood, president of Ark Fund, believes that AI will be an industry in the future. Various research reports by investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have also regarded AI as the most important investment layout in the next 10 years. So here comes the problem. Who will stand out from the

AMZN stock forecast 2025: Amazon's main advantages

  On July 6, after the US stock market opened, Amazon broke through $3,600, a record high.  Amazon has been oscillating between 3000-3500 US dollars in the past year, and the stock price finally broke through.  Amazon is a stock that has a high valuation from PE but is seriously undervalued by the market from the perspective of its development prospects. It is one of my favorite technology stocks.  Amazon's main advantages are:  1. Amazon's current GMV is only half that of Alibaba.  Looking at the current penetration rate of e-commerce in China and the future penetration rate of e-commerce in the United States, we will find that Amazon e-commerce has huge growth potential in the United States.  Amazon e-commerce is far from saturated in the United States.  2. Cloud computing has unlimited potential.  As the industry leader, Amazon's cloud computing can maintain a growth rate of 20%-30% for many years in the future.  3. The international expansion of Amazon's e-commerce

Non-agricultural data far exceeded expectations

  Last week, overseas markets paid the most attention to the US non-agricultural data in June. The latest non-agricultural data showed that the number of new non-agricultural jobs in the US increased by 85 million in June, far exceeding market expectations of 720,000. Generally speaking, the substantial improvement in non-agricultural data often indicates strong economic development. So has the US economy really begun to recover?  We all know that when the number of non-agricultural employment increases sharply, it often reflects that economic development remains healthy. Therefore, this data is an important indicator for observing the state of social, economic, and financial development in the United States. If the data is positive in the long term, the dollar will usually be supported and strengthened.  Affected by this news, the three major U.S. stock indexes collectively hit a record closing high. Among them, the S&P 500 index rose 0.75% to 4352.34 points; the Nasdaq index r

ROKU stock forecast 2025: worth holding for a long time

1.The Roku Channel (TRC).  The Roku Channel (TRC) will be a huge driving force for the company's growth. I think the market has not yet realized the huge potential of TRC. Currently, TRC is watched by 70 million people, which has doubled from last year. The growth rate is astonishing. Therefore, the ability of advertising monetization is getting stronger and stronger.   ROKU mentioned in the Q1 quarterly report that if content providers promote their subscriptions in TRC, the effect will be twice as good as just on the ROKU platform. This fully shows the extremely strong marketing capabilities of TRC. The exclusive content of ROKU license Cipher has also become the most popular show in TRC, and then ROKU original packaged after the acquisition of Quibi will be launched, which will further increase the user viscosity of TRC.  Roku's CEO said that the TRC flywheel has been turned, and the market seems to have not had time to digest this benefit. SVOD on the market is already a